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Did a few magic tricks to make the mix sound fuller ;) also I forgot to put reverb on the horns in v3 because I suck, so I fixed that.

Whaddya guys think of this one? I know Joe said he wanted more instruments but I was able to make it sound bigger without them sooo maybe that's not necessary? IDK. You tell me!

I'm waiting on my horn & clarinet players to make hitRECord accounts so I can properly resource them >.<


Violin I: megancarnes, poodlegoose, raquelpspinto

Violin II: Dianna Petyk (recorded by lidan), megancarnes, poodlegoose

Viola: kittypimms, poodlegoose

Horns: Laura Grenlin and ruthiebisek (recorded by megancarnes)

Trombone: librarygirl6

Tuba: ashlaaa

Flute: yes-you-am

Clarinet: Evan Fazio (recorded by megancarnes)

Piano: megancarnes

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