This is my version of Turn Over The Leaves, I added some new elements, play a little bit with the colors and also, I added as a cover for the book, the book of tiny stories, but inside I decide to add some of our favorite characters at HR! Hope you all like this!!!

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  • Hr
    Love this! :) And the cat is awesome, of course :P
    by barush
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    it's adorable! Love your new icon, BTW. Come Saturday I will have a beer in hand but sadly no water view.
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    Thanks for the hearts Zohra, Em, melis, karla, Anne, Klo, Eli, D, Bara, justAviewer, Rabid and jc!!!!
    Bara, dear, thanks, and that's your cat, trying to be in the middle of everything and drawing attention hahahahaha hugs!!!!
    Rabid, awesome, but if you come on saturday to my house, I am going to have for you some beers and also the water view!!! :)
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    Thanks saint!!!
  • 100_8939
    Thanks Zkarlette and Rochelle!! :)
  • Maryer96-1561992
    cool!<3 Mary
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    Thanks bloemy and Mary!
    mary, hugs!! :)
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