This is the stereo mix recorded directly from our sound desk at hitRECord's Fall Formal show in Los Angeles, CA on October 10th, 2011. 

All of the audio was mixed by R. Walt Vincent.

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    HOWDY! My name is Derek J. Schwartz and I am a unpublished playwright at the moment. My last worked is titled "Conversations Before the Aliens Land." A dramatic-comedy that is a series of nine scenes, each packed with different characters and stories. I am up to Act Two Scene Three, and I think the concept for this little dialog really works with the overall theme of the play. Which is a mixed theme of loneliness and the things you'd like to do if the world were to end. So I would like to kind-of-sort-of collaborate on this and kind of make this little piece of dialog my own. But I would give credit in the script to whomever wrote it (I would like a name to give the credit.) I love you all, thank you.
    Nov 08, 2012
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