you are what you Think...
AnGee Released Mar 12, 2012

Sis 2- "what about that girl?"

Sis 1- "which one?"

Sis 2- "that one there"

Sis 1- "what about her?"

Sis 2- "I like her shade of blonde. What do you think of her hair?"

Sis 1- "um... it's....nice, so?"

Sis 2- "I think I could go that blonde, yeah. Just gotta think Blonde thoughts, Think Blonde thoughts: blonde thoughts, blonde thoughts, blonde thoughts...."

Sis 1- "Umm..........I don't really think you should wish for those..."

Just two sisters talking about very intelligent and important things, sis 2 starts the convo she's the younger one and sis 1 the eldest. :) hee hee fun tihmes fun tihmes

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  • Diplomatico_hablando
    Wahhhh!!! I can't believe you put this up!
    ps- I think the highlights are starting to come in! ;D mwahaha!
    Mar 12, 2012
  • Louder02
    hahahahaha!........ wait-huh? o_0
    Mar 15, 2012
    by AnGee
  • Diplomatico_hablando
    hAHAa I commented to your comment on my Femme Fatale master piece... lol :D... speaking of masterpieces, we should do more of these and put them into their own little album, and call them a series of random and momentous conversations between sisters! ;) we have so much to say! mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa
    Mar 30, 2012
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