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"Wouldn't it be scary if a grave opened behind us?"

"Wouldn't it be even scarier if a grave opened right in front of us?"

"Why do you think so?"

"We could see how the headstone gets moved and a scary shadow starts to appear until a zombilike guy would appear."

"Or girl. What about the ground, he would"

"Or she."

"Yes, or she. Maybe it? First it would have to break the coffin until it puddles itself out of the ground. Furthermore it would have to move the headstone to get out... or would it be only a hand if it puddled  itself out?"

"Isn't it always totally unrealistic in movies when buried alive  persons puddle themselves out of the ground?"

"I hope so."


"Oh, nothing. Because it would be scary if the zombilike monster with  its nasty hands who puddles itself out was behind us."

"That's true, so if the open grave was behind us, we would be the perfect first meal for the zombie monster because we wouldn't see it at first. Maybe we should walk faster, zombies are slow, aren't they?"

"So, you did see it, too?"

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, nothing, move on."