Well, my skills are basically derived from experiments but I: 

1. Paint

2. Draw 

3. Photograph 

4. Write: short and long including lyrics (sometimes) 

but experimenting is something that I do that I don't think can really have its own specific point to it or even define because sometimes I don't even know what I'm doing :O) 

  • Portrait
    Hey, can I challenge you?

    I'd love a picture of a girl with red hair that's floating around her head like a cloud, and she should wear pajamas with stars pattern.

    Mar 08, 2012
    by Shany
  • Emilyprint002
    yeah I'd love to do that :) thanks Shany!
    Mar 08, 2012
  • Model
    Hi there. Would you like to do a compilation for the 'Circles of Hell' collaboration? I'm thinking write something short along those lines and illustrate it. Or maybe you can REmix some photos! If you accept the challenge, please add the final product here: http://hitrecord.org/records/707288
    Mar 13, 2012
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