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"Ah, there's nothing like a nice shot of whiskey during the storm of the century!"

"Sir, you have had at least a dozen shots so far."

"Quit your trap! I've been doin' this since you were diapers."

"I'm starting to wish I was wearing some right now."

"What'd you say boy?"

"Nothing. Sir, we are WAY off course and the crew is becoming concerned with our current predicame-"

"Mutiny? You talkin' about a MUTINY?!"

"No! What? Who even does that anymore? We just wish you would focus on getting us back to shore safely."

"Fine. We'll just cross through that isthmus thingy over there."

"Sir, that is a REEF! And it's low tide right now."

"So what? I don't call this ship the... Iron Bottom... um, Baby for nothin'"

"I have never once heard you call it that."

"Full steam ahead! Now make yourself useful and hand me that bottle. This one is tapped."

"Sir, this is a SAIL boat! Please be reasonable!"

"To hell with reason! If we go fast enough we'll skip right over that reef."

"Hey guys, remember that story I mentioned about the Bounty? I think it's time."