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Who Am I?
Lazabout Released Apr 02, 2010
Belated introductions...the first clue of who am I.

It depends on what day it is.

A mass of contradictions. An oxymoron....sometimes heavy on the moron. Never two-faced, rarely open-faced, but I do like sandwiches.

Consistent in my inconsistencies. Content and seeking. Hardly weeping. Grey before my time. Young well into my prime.

Judgemental with an open mind. Lightweight poet and heavy laugher. Full of ideas about ever after.

Dogged devotion to friends close and afar. My phone calls and letters not quite up to par.

Inspired by opportunity to look into the future. Sunglasses can't hide the light in your eyes. Lolling with laze along my nice velvet rut. Thank goodness hitRECord gave me a kick in the butt.

A fashion disaster with too many clothes. Happy in the background with a taste for the shine. All these descriptions suit me just fine.

Dancing inside and even without. Partnered or un, step lively. Don't pout.Music flows everywhere begging a step. Indulge with a smile. No question You bet! Cha-cha -cha!

Just a peek on the surface. A little inside. I gotta run now. On the cigarish flying machine I ride.

Love me. Love you, my brand new crew