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25 Odd and Random Little Factoids About Me...

1. I think about dying a lot, not the actual process of dying but the sadness in never experiencing amazing things again, like avocados and laptops and chocolate and kittens and conversations.

2. I somehow love living in Los Angeles even though I can barely afford it, don't have a car, I like a lot more rain than this city gives me, and the barely legal girls strutting down Hollywood and Vine yanking down their teeny tiny skirts and clomping around in their Louboutins trigger my vomit reflex. But I imagine moving and I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. Except maybe Manhattan, but only if I were a bit more successful financially. New York is hell if you're barely scraping by. And rats freak me out. And roaches. Okay, never mind.

3. I make really weird noises or faces sometimes just to see if I can crack myself up. I can. Yes I am an only child. Yes I live alone.

4. I've fallen victim at times to the epidemic of your number of Facebook interactions contributing to your sense of self-worth.

5. I hate the words "pivot", "entrepreneur" and "smoothie" (even though I love to make them!)

6. I love the words "rogue", "cognac", and "dagger."

7. Depending on my mood, bananas are either an awesome breakfast (sliced with peanut butter on toast!) or the most gag-inducing food ever. What is this banana gagging phenomenon?

8. I've dyed my hair about 20 different colors in the last 10 years. I settled on red because people remembered me easier. I wanted a trademark. A "thing." Red hair is my thing, until people really get to know me.

9. The...

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