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...here's an orchestral suite of musical themes inspired by several images form the Shadow Caste collaboration. I will reference them and perhaps you can tell which goes with which. This was a lot of fun, to make this... looking forward to dong more. 

....there's one record I can't find, the one about Umbreo. But yeah... that idea inspired the last movement especially. 

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  • 576147_10151077259911774_1095225726_n
    when searching for music for a record i'm creating... I came across this. now I have inspiration for a NEW record... Thank you for this magically haunting track..... more more more...
  • Img_1343
    Holy crap - these are insanely accomplished - and atmospheric. What kind of studio setup do you have?!
  • 100_8939
    Wonderful as always ozie!!!!
  • Ozie_hat_profile2
    Thanks Gaby.

    Mark, I'm using Sibelius and EastWest.
    by ozie
  • Librarygirl6-1497720
    Reminds me a bit of Danny Elfman. It'd be cool to hear this with real instruments.
  • 10167964_554825107963494_4474630106678152262_n
    you are amazingly talented! i checked out some stuff on your website as well! love this!!
    by Rebelle
  • 6
    I've got to agree, totally feeling the best possible Danny Elfman vibe coming from this. Keep up the great work, becuase I'd love to hear so much more! Also, if you are still having trouble finding that Umbreo (or Ombreo, or however they've spell it) RECord, just give me a little description on it, I'm sure I'd be able to help you find it!
    by Attilee
  • Ozie_hat_profile2
    Thanks for the compliments Rebelle and Attilee. Elfman is indeed one of the unsung heroes of Hollywood... his style definitely influenced this one. Attilee, Joe mentioned Ombreo as part of RECollection... and in his Regularity resourced by this RECord... that's all I know about, but I was inspired by the story.
    by ozie
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