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I'm really really cool and this is how I spent my Friday night.

The 5 seconds of silence at the beginning are to better align with Day Glo's reading.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!! <3


Violin I: megancarnes, poodlegoose, raquelpspinto

Violin II: megancarnes, poodlegoose

Viola: kittypimms, poodlegoose

Horns: Laura Grenlin and Ruthie Bisek (recorded by megancarnes)

Trombone: librarygirl6

Tuba: ashlaaa

Flute: yes-you-am

Clarinet: Evan Fazio (recorded by megancarnes)

Piano: megancarnes

I used some VSTs to make the strings fuller, and the glock is also a VST but shhhh it's a secret

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