I was inspired by the line saying "In a very veracious attempt of forgive to forget he expressed his love for her"... and thought it would be interesting if we added in a girl's voice saying something like:

"In an assertive attack of it's over and done, she described her bitter feelings toward him"

followed by lyrics sung by a girl like:

He says things will change, but we had our day in the sun

The battle it raged, neither one of us has won

Nothing left to say, no page has gone unturned.

He left me in the flames, and alone there I will burn

Ashes to ashes, Ive fallen into pieces

Crumbling down with all his excuses

Its plain and simple,The truth has been unearthed

the lies add up to more than he’s worth

there's no sense standing here, when I don’t know what Im waiting for

all I have left to do is Walk right out that door. ..

Then that quote "in a very veracious attempt" is said and lyrics from the male perspective can follow.

Just an Idea! :)