Frustrated at his failed attempts to be seen as a tourist, the chameleon headed home.

Everywhere he traveled, he simply blended in.
  • Erin_sketch
    On vacation one time, someone complimented us by saying "oh, you are travelers, not tourists" after we refused the first 4 chain-food suggestions and jumped on the local offering. Chameleon's story brought it to the surface. Thanks!
  • Dscn3930
    That is a very nice compliment to get! Where were you at if I may ask? Also, I love your portrait and I've been meaning to tell you but I keep forgetting!
  • Sdc10137adjusted
    Poor chameleon!
    by Damsel
  • Spaceship-1461125
    Aww I was trying to think of a chameleon story but couldnt - kudos - yours rocks! :)
  • Scan0047
    aw, now that one made me chuckle!
    by via
  • Dscn3930
    Thanks for the hearts everyone!

    Damsel, I felt bad for the poor chameleon too! Most animals have the opposite problem though! They want to belong. Ha.

    Meta, your comment seriously just made me grin and it means a lot coming from you! Thank you so much!

    Ms. Via, I think the next time this happens, it should be RECorded.
  • Scan0047
    what, the next time i chuckle? pffft! i might as well just leave the mic on all the time!
    by via
  • Dscn3930
    Yes, the next time you chuckle! This should be RECorded, Ms. Via!
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