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THE TENEBRAE (Shadow Beings)
Kubi Released Feb 24, 2012

So I only just discovered this Shadow Beings collab, and thought to myself – this story needs a bad guy! So here is one I just cooked up:

He is known only as THE TENEBRAE (Latin for “Darkness”) and comes from a rare cast of shadow many thought extinct. These ancient and powerful shadows were the first inhabitants of Umbra – the realm of the shadows. Driven mad by power, The Tenebrae conspired to rule Umbra and turn it’s inhabitants into slaves. However the Noondays, Longrays and Midlights all stood united and banished Tenebrae from Umbra to live out the rest of his existence in the Human World… And there he has remained ever since, lurking in the darkness, haunting houses, scaring children, known in the Human world as – The Boogie Man… However, unknown to Umbra, he has been secretly building his own army of shadows cast from evil and corrupt humans in order to wage a war on Umbra and all of it’s inhabitants. 

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