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    I love them! There has to be a story here! <3
    by IrmaVep
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    FEATURED BY: IrmaVep (Image curator)
    DATE: 30/03/12

    I am so intrigued by these two! I want to see them move (animated to dance, dance, dance the tango!) I wonder if that's possible!?! I think they'd work really well in the recently featured "Character Collaboration", maybe?!! A Romeo and Juliet inspired story, perhaps!?! What do YOU see?

    by IrmaVep
  • Snapshot_20111202_7
    I love the expression and passion in this!
  • Dsc01856
    I like this because the man's(rabbit's) posture is spot on. perfect form. The cat's leg over his knee is a clear Tango choreography. You articulate what" they are doing without the "tango title".
    I imagine this would be hard to animate unless you got real people to dance in front of a green screen, simply because the picture articulates the movement so well, the animated would have to do the same, in my opinion. nice visual.
  • Laurajanesmall
    It got featured! O_O I'm so excited! Thank you!
    And thanks for the comments, IrmaVep (I added it to the character collab), supriyaheart, and marcellepallais (I'm glad it worked--I don't dance myself but I did a lot of research)
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