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What started out as a remembrance/nostalgic poem turned into a poetic rant that just kept escaping through my fingers. The bolded statement is the most important thing I’ve tried to say. But, it’s not like it matters, because we are over. Love doesn’t live here anymore. But, I know it will when the right person has the key to unlock and open my heart again.

It’s been a year.

A year since we

Had everything

Figured out. Had

Everything we wanted. 

Or at least what

We thought we

Wanted. What we

Thought we needed. 

We were together

Young, but together

Apart. Not in sync. 

Our steps were

Incomplete and

Out of time. 

It’s been a year. 

One year. I wish

I could still make

That smile appear

On your face, again. 

The smile that cured

Me. The smile that

Changed me. The 

Smile that saved me.

The smile of the mouth,

Of the lips, that spoke

The words “I love you.” 

The smile of the mouth,

Of the lips that always

Promised to stay. To 

Never leave. No matter

What. What happened

To that smile? I 

Believed everything

It said, it revealed. 

And those eyes…

They gleamed with hope

And love, even in


It’s been a year.

And things have changed.

We have changed.

Evolved, grew, and 

Developed into 

Brand new people.

No where near the same,

But still dying in shame. 

You thought you were

Meant to be alone.

Yet, you said your heart

Beat for me and only 

Me, and if that were 

Even the slightest bit

Of truth, you wouldn’t

Have left, 

Have rebounded, again, 

For the second time. 

Especially when it hasn’t

Even been two weeks

Since you declared the

Demolition of our relationship.

It’s been a year.

We were getting

Ready and hyped

For prom. 

For graduation.


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