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rule breaker [dialogue]
lidan Released Feb 21, 2012

“Hey. Hey, look at this.”

“What? Oh. Oh my god, you can’t bring that here! Put that away before he sees.”

“Look, he’s not even paying attention. Just touch it, you know you want to.”

“I do not want to touch it! Why are you waving it around like that? Why- oh, god, just, put it away.”

“You’re no fun. Just one little stroke, c’mon.”

“You’re the worst. He’s going to notice that… thing around any second now.”

“And interrupt his fondling of the chalk board? Yeah, right.”

“I’m trying to concentrate here.”

“Aw, you work too hard. Let me just rub it on your arm a bit, it’ll feel nice.”

“Oh my god, don’t you dare touch me with that. Fuck! Why are you touching me with it! I don’t know where that’s been! Oh… oh, dammit, that does feel nice.”

“See? Told you.”

“I hate you.”

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