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Laughter and Joy this woman has brought

Encouraging words and beautiful thoughts.

Like a bird, she freely flies

Soaring higher into the skies.

Memories and jokes, the best times too.

Her dreams, I wish, for all to come true.

Like a bird, she takes great flight,

Over the mountains, our of sight.

Through every fire and every storm,

She cools me down or keeps me warm.

Like a bird, I'm under her wing,

And using our voices, together, we sing.

Mirth seeps out from her smiling face,

Extending love from place to place.

Like a bird, she builds a nest

As the place in her heart for the very best.

This woman portrays a hero to me.

The best of friends, truly, are we.

Like a bird, with eternal song,

She'll sing to me forever long.