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“We’re going a bit fast, no?”
“Course. How else’re we going to make it? Speed’s essential.”
(“Speak for yourself.”)
“What, you want to take in the scenery, enjoy the am-bee-unce or something?
“It’s all emptiness son, not like in those stupid shows, take my word.
Empty ‘cept for that thing there, and I don’t know about you, but I’m sweating like a nun already, so the sooner we punch through and out the other side the better, I say.”
“Warning light.”
“I see the damn warning light. All I can see is warning lights. Like a cussing Christmas tree.”
“You’re getting cranky.”
“You know what we need? Some music.”
“Balls to that, you don’t know REAL music, all that newfangled crap you listen to.”
“Sign of old age that is, not appreciating new music.”
“Sign of taste, you mean.”
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moali Released Feb 21, 2012