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"I had this crazy dream last night! I was-"

"Ugh, shut up. Nobody cares about your stupid dream."

"But - but dreams are the cornerstone of Freudian psychoanalysis! They frequently play an important thematic role in works of literature-"

"This isn't a work of literature, and I doubt that it meant anything at all."

"Don't you think dreams are fascinating? They're still largely unexplained by medical science and-"

"No. Ever wondered why so many student films are dream sequences? Because dreams are student films: they don't make sense and everyone sleeps through them."

"Can I please just tell you about this dream?"

"I really don't care at all."

"So, I was riding towards this tall tower, on the back of a unicorn. There was a flagpole on top of the tower, and the flag was covered in arrows. All around the tower were guards wearing big helmets, holding these swords up in front of them-"

"I dreamed I was repeatedly smashing my head into a brick wall."

"Don't interrupt! ... Where are you going?"

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