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“Seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it?”



“Well, yes, but why this time?”

“Well, you see it’s like a book. When you meet someone new, it’s like starting a new chapter, and while it’s exciting, and you can’t wait to see what adventures you’re going to have with this person in new chapters, the problem is…you have no idea what happened in the previous chapters. You don’t know what the plot is, what the characters have been, or where exactly within the plot line you just happened to drop in. You can figure out some of it if the person tells you, but you’ll forever be waiting for the plot to twist, waiting to discover if you’re just making a cameo, or if you’re there to stay. Sometimes I just wish I could read ahead, or go back and start the story from the beginning. Instead I’m just moving one page at a time, stuck in the middle of a book.”

“So…what can you do then?”

“I don’t know. I guess all you can do is hope the story is a good one...and that you don't get killed off on the next page.”

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