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warning: bad mix, too loud. make sure to turn your volume down some. thanks.   i dropped an old verse on a bit at the end.  also resourced RECord of previous version, in which i also use this verse.

i knew a girl who was an angel wouldn't even hurt a fly.

a special girl like that deserves a special kind of guy.

she had a boyfriend and she thought that they would always be in love.

one day she came to learn that he was just a fuckin scrub.

he wanted to make love, she said "let's wait till we get married."

she had no fuckin clue of the diseases that he carried.

she would tell her friends, "oh, we're just gonna wait until we wed."

while he was taking every whore he could to fuckin bed.

he eventually convinced the girl that they didn't have to wait.

he would always be there and that everything was great.

to him it was a fuck. to her it was magic.

but to us the end result was just so motherfuckin tragic.

her period was late, so she took an EPT.

she's now carrying a baby with HIV.

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