A Dios-log
todd68976 Released Feb 20, 2012

Dear Lord
Hear my prayer
(I always do.)
I am a sinner
(You all are)
And I don't speak with you as often as I should
(You speak with me all the time.)
And I am worried that my failure to pray as often as I should is keeping me from having the relationship with you that we both want.
(I want a better relationship as well.)
I feel your presence in my life all the time
(I'm there all the time.)
And I get the feeling that you're trying to tell me something
(I am.)
But I can't figure out what that something is.
(Your brain is my gift - use it.)
I want you to sit with me and tell me what it is - in plain English - that you have in mind for me.
(I am always by your side, and I tell you all the time what I have in mind for you but you are too afraid to follow my advice. Even though you hear me, you usually do not listen to what I am saying. It's different this time. It's like you are actually hearing me for the first time!)
I am hearing you, but I don't know where this coversation is going.
(That's the beauty of this - we are holding a coversation for the first time in your life - a conversation I have been wanting to have with you forever! And finally, you are listening to me. What more does there need to be?)
(They will come as we speak together.)
You need to slow down, Lord, because I am typing what you are saying and my keyboard is messed up and I can't type as fast as you talk anyway.
(Its like my words are already in your head before you even finish phrasing your own thoughts, right?)
Right! And people get mad at me when I do that to them. They think I am not paying attention to them...

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  • Todd
    Thanks for your heart fleurdelys!
    Feb 20, 2012
  • P7150209
    I beyond love this Todd! It's hilarious and absolutely brilliant.
    Feb 20, 2012
  • Todd
    Thanks so much for your hearts Kyra_blue, G R L, GabyVaughan, monkeychow, Vedder, and MoN!

    @Kyra_blue - Let me first apologize for how long this response to your compliment is - but I felt I needed to offer a little more than a simple thank you and it turned into this novella...I can't accept credit for the brilliance of this. I just sat down and started typing a prayer. At first I was putting words into God's mouth - answering for him like I imagined he would answer, but it soon became something else. In the beginning - I hope you can tell - it doesn't really seem like I'm having a conversation with God - more like I am praying like everyone does - just saying words into the air - while, even though God is talking, I am not really listening for what God is saying - almost like I am ignoring Him. But somewhere along the way, God actually started telling me what to write, so I - like all those atheletes you see on TV (only my sentiment is absolutely not for show) - give all credit to God for this one. Can't resource him though... since He doesn't have a hitRECord account.

    Seriously - the only editing I did for this was to correct MOST of the spelling errors. I did correct this line while I was doing it - but I wouldn't call that an edit - more like clarifying what I heard in my head in light of the multitude of images and words that flashed before me in the instant that line came into existence:

    (Its like my words are already in your head before you even finish phrasing your own thoughts, right?)

    By the way - that line was already formulated in my head while I was in the middle of writing the line before it, so when it came time to actually write it, I had originally written "even finish saying what you want" - and decided on the final parusal for spelling errors (with some devine intervention I am sure) that what was really meant was what I changed it to.

    The rest of this is an unedited transcript of the live conversation I had with God.
    Feb 20, 2012
  • Matthew_on_a_log_looking_out_to_sea_b_w
    Jesus Christ, that was a long fucker, "thats what she said"

    This was great Todd, I really enjoyed it.
    Feb 20, 2012
  • P7150209
    Well, Todd, even as a conduit, this is a great piece. Think most untapped inspiration comes from another place- a place of watchfulness. There is a ton of witty wisdom in this- I think as a writer you have a great balance.
    Feb 20, 2012
  • Darkstranger_-_copy_(4)
    i'm voting for you in the god primary...even though you're not on the ballot, you're my write-in vote...or maybe you can be vice-god...oh, i said vice-god...
    Feb 20, 2012
  • Todd
    Thanks for your hearts jestferlaffs, kouralilly, saintmaker, sinnamin, and Emma Conner!

    jestferlaffs - I'm glad you liked it!

    Kyra_blue - you're right.

    saintmaker - vice-god - funny! However, if elected, I must inform you that I will refuse the office and throw my weight (however little that may be) behind the incumbent.
    Feb 21, 2012
  • Todd
    thanks again for your hearts all of you - I'll RECord the next conversation I have as well since you all seem interested.
    Feb 21, 2012
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