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Dear Lord
Hear my prayer
(I always do.)
I am a sinner
(You all are)
And I don't speak with you as often as I should
(You speak with me all the time.)
And I am worried that my failure to pray as often as I should is keeping me from having the relationship with you that we both want.
(I want a better relationship as well.)
I feel your presence in my life all the time
(I'm there all the time.)
And I get the feeling that you're trying to tell me something
(I am.)
But I can't figure out what that something is.
(Your brain is my gift - use it.)
I want you to sit with me and tell me what it is - in plain English - that you have in mind for me.
(I am always by your side, and I tell you all the time what I have in mind for you but you are too afraid to follow my advice. Even though you hear me, you usually...

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A Dios-log
todd68976 Released Feb 20, 2012