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My Venezia
JessRu Released Feb 16, 2012

Last summer, I decided to make an adventure for myself and I set off for 4 months to live in Venice, Italy, as an au pair. Throughout my life there, I learned the twists and turns of that gorgeous mystery of a city. Damp cramped alleys that led to magical shops. Bridges that have been patched and mended, but still retain the memory of trillions of footsteps in their marble hearts. Deep doorways that have sheltered lovers and thieves alike. A week of holiday is not enough time to appreciate the floating city's true meaning and worth. Sadly I only got the chance to film a few brief glimpses, as my camera became bloated with memories, but I hope I can give you a snatched peek into my Venice.

Sorry for the bad patching of music at points. Mandrond101's lovely song was a bit too short and I tried my clumsy hand at extending it.

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