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RE: Jelly Babies
RegularJOE Released Feb 13, 2012

Great job everyone - Jelly Babies is gonna make a really solid animated short film.  So let's keep focused on it!

INSTRUMENTALISTS- Check out megancarnes, she has composed a beautiful score that really gets the tone of this piece.  She has been recruiting instrumentalists to record themselves playing parts and managed to put together a great mix so far.  But let's keep recording and adding more instruments to her composition and it'll become all the grander for it.  

VISUAL ARTISTS - We need to really start defining "what" this Jelly Baby world is going to look like. What that means is we need more and more visuals.  I really like the style of elayne and sojushots contributions.  They're very 2 dimensional with a grave cheerfulness about them.  So keep their aesthetic in mind when creating your designs and soon enough we can really begin to develop the look of our short film.

Once we get this going the story's specific moments will start to come forth and before you know it, we gotta another great film!

Thanks and thanks again



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