I watched Anita's extended Vinyl cut, and noticed that quite a few things were missing from it that I thought should be represented. Especially all the different types of rarities, and modern day vinyl in general. So I've recorded a short video, showing off some rare/weird records including demos, remixes, coloured records, etc.

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  • Dsc01856
    I totally agree with you. Nostalgia is great, but there is a whole socio-political story line to vinyl records that we aren't getting. Small business owners, local bands, over-commercializing music. Sounds like you have a lot to say on this subject. I would love for you to take a video camera to where you go to get records, and just video tape it. If you don't want to cut, others will. Would love to see what you could talk about. Interview your friends.. blah blah.
    Feb 12, 2012
  • Garryprofile
    That's really kind of you, marcellepallais. I'm currently talking to my good friend Edward Shallow about doing exactly that in the coming weeks.
    Feb 12, 2012
  • Anita-1699050
    I agree with you and Marcelle.
    You brought up an issue that was really missing in the conversation and I hope we can include it in the next cut.

    Feb 12, 2012
    by Anita
  • Sequence_1_12-poster
    FEATURED BY: thesherbethead (Resident Curator of Audio/Video.)
    DATE: 24th May 2012
    COMMENTS: This is a great addition to The Vinyl Collaboration. Your video is very informative and also intriguing. I hadn't even considered that some of the types of vinyl pressings that you mentioned even existed! I think the fact that you were able to fund your last year of university by selling some of your vinyl collection, really emphasises the idea that vinyl records are still very much in demand and incredibly valuable. It's great to hear people talk about things that they are passionate about -- you're obviously a very passionate collector and it shows in this video. This video can easily be cut up into future vinyl compilations/documentaries, and hopefully it will add another great perspective to the mix.
    May 23, 2012
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