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Skip and The Turtle
Mignonne Released Feb 12, 2012

MadisenMusic's Skip and the Turtle post was just too adorable to not illustrate so here's me giving into the voices. In my head. Right. Anyway, I saw swaylooza's Skip and loved the design so I borrowed that. :)

Was about to just post the line art but decided to try coloring. Eeep. Huzzah to experimenting! And I'm not sure about the title. Should I have put a "RE:" or something? Not sure how this works.

Aaaaand... I should sleep. I'm rarely this chatty here. Again, check out MadisenMusic's Skip and the Turtle! :D 

PS The Jumpin Jack font I used is free (from, so long as it's for NON-PROFIT  use. Sooo. There. I think I'll change the font, just to be safe. As soon as I get some shut-eye, that is.

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