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Dalkulla and Wilhelm
MadisenMusic Released Feb 11, 2012

(based off the creation of "Dalkulla and Wilhelm" by sojushots's illustration in the resource.)

I will now begin to tell you about the curiously strange personalities of Dalkulla and Wilhelm. Dalkulla; the misguided, introverted and dramatically unamused conversational hazard. An epmty hearted silver tongue; born without eyes, and an extra set of lower limbs. A collector of sad dreams that she keeps in her pockets. She finds loud unavoidable depression wherever she goes; cursing the sunlight everytime it speaks to her. She hums soft melodies that force people to weep. Her body is unable to proceed in it's growth, and she will always remain a child until the day she finds happiness.

Wilhelm; the popular optimistic, fortune puppy orphan. A radical, self absorbed, dog-friend of tangible commotion. Loudly interpreted, by accurate perception. A companion of Dalkulla, in hopes to achieve the mutual acceptance of his joyful glow. An animal that can't feel pain of any sorts. The Gourd-like head with spiked ears and tail, and a smile refusing to subside over any reason. Wilhelm can breathe underwater while he tells you your fortune. If you are without fortune, he will not talk to you; therefore him and Dalkulla have never once spoken.

These are the personalities of Dalkulla and Wilhelm; best friends until death. Looking out for one another like an endless reflection. A shadow of a shadow; a Vulture circling a Vulture circling. They will continue to exist without knowing why; as long as they exist together.   

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