I had this big inspiration a few minutes ago, so I just had to record it... It's a tiny song I just wrote (it lasts only 1min10sec), and, because it was important for me to get the lyrics right, it's in Finnish! Hahaa I wonder how it sounds to you...

(For those who didn't know - shame on you! - Finnish is the language we speak in Finland which is a country in Northern Europe. You know, the country Conan O'Brien loves.)

Here are the lyrics - in Finnish and in English... enjoy my bizarre language<3


On elämä kummallista tosiaan - Life is very strange indeed
Täällä yksi yössä laulaa vaan - Here this one is just singing
Vaikka pitäis mennä nukkumaan - Even though it's time to sleep

Mut aika on huijari, pelkkä haamu - But time is a cheater, only a ghost
Tääl voi olla yö, mut tuol jossain on aamu - It might be a night here, but somewhere it's morning
Siellä heräilen parhaillaan - I'm just about to wake up there

Nää sävelet ilmassa soi yksinään - these melodies fly alone in the air
Ei niistä kiinnostu yksikään - and absolutely no one cares
Kuluvat sekunnit mua säestää - the passing seconds are accompaning me

Tää hetki on mun, jo nukkuvat muut - This moment is mine, others already sleep
Talo ja taivas ja piha ja puut - The house and the sky and the yard and the trees
En vois pyytää enempää - I couldn't ask for more

Mut hetken kestää hetki vaan - But a moment lasts only for a moment
Se on ohi ennen kuin huomaatkaan - It's gone before you know it

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    Mar 09, 2014
    by silj
  • Img_8536_(640x387)
    Ai vitsi sun biisit on ihania! Täytyy sanoa että tykkään ihan hirmuisesti tästä kuinka laulat suomeksi, rytmität kielen jotenkin aivan erilailla verrattaen englanniksi laulaessa. :)
    Mar 09, 2014
    by silj
  • Still_6
    Your voice is pure as Honey. So refreshing to hear too. I wish you a life filled with Beautiful moments! Enjoy!
    Oct 28, 2013
  • Andyramone-1889856
    I absolutely love love love this! Are there any Finnish musicians you can recommend? Right now I only listen to three Finnish artists/music groups: You, Kivimetsän Druidi, and Finntroll. That makes you the only non-folk metal Finnish musician that I listen to/know about.
    Feb 22, 2013
  • Hr
    Wonderful! Love this, it sounds amazing, even though I don't understand it lol Thanks for the translation :)

    And this probably sounds really ignorant, but I have a Norwegian friend and I probably wouldn't be able to tell it apart from Finnish :)
    Feb 07, 2012
    by barush
  • 10271620_10202828111601433_5095051077231446289_n
    thanks for the hearts barush, deltisou and betterlucktomorrow! and hahah barush, it's not a surprise... Many people don't even know that Finland exists! And those who do, think that we live in igloos with polar bears... ;D
    Feb 07, 2012
  • Pc275864
    I'm with barush. I have no idea what you're saying but your voice sounds beautiful and genuine. :D
    Feb 07, 2012
  • 10271620_10202828111601433_5095051077231446289_n
    aw thank you so much seltisou! :))
    Feb 07, 2012
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