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Be My Passenger
xanlee Released Feb 06, 2012

Just close your eyes and trust me,

I'll be true to you,

Give me your heart for a moment,

This car has room for two,

So jump into the passenger seat, 

And drive away with me,

We'll cruise across the country,

Then we'll swim beyond the sea,

We'll set up camp in Honolulu,

I'll be your hula dancer,

We'll live the sunny life on the sand,

I'll be your never-failing romancer,

You can play your guitar endlessly,

I'll dance and sing along,

And when we grow scared of sun cancer,

We can move on to Hong Kong,

We'll practice Martial Arts together,

I'll be your personal badass,

When we're tired of killing bad guys,

We'll buy plane tickets first class,

We'll fly to Berlin, Germany,

See the eastside gallery,

Take a train ride to Wittenberg,

Then ride back and paint the city,

Then it's on to Brussels,

Where we'll make love at Grand Place,

You'll shower me with hydrangeas, 

I'll shower you with lace,

Then can we go to Austria? 

I've always wanted to go,

We can eat fancy chocolates,

And make angels in the snow,

From there it's wherever you want,

I'll accompany you on any crazy ride,

For there's nowhere in the world I want to be,

If I'm not by your side,

I want to see all of these places,

But I also want your heart,

In return I will give my own,

So that we may never be destined to part,

However, if you get car sick,

Or have a fear of boats or planes,

I will stick my feet in the same soil,

Til our bodies are but remains,

You see, I want to see the world,

But what my eyes desire more,

Is to always see standing next to me,

This darling heart that I adore,

So close your eyes and trust me,

This car has room for two,

But if you're hesitant to travel, my love,

I'll turn off this engine and stay with you.