Ain't it strange
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So here's a song I wrote as a Valentine's day gift for Yiling (you should check it out, this song makes more sense if you see it...). It's based on her wonderful drawings! :) (in 28 of them actually, so I'm not going to add them all here I'm sorry, but check out Yiling's page! http://hitrecord.org/users/Yiling) I was asked to put just the song here separately... so enjoy!


Ain't it strange how the time flies
It feels like it was yesterday when I was a child
Back then when I could close my eyes and find
A whole new world inside my mind

I had whales in my bed and a bird nest on my head
And the sun was my air balloon
And my toy giraffe
Could talk and walk
And the trees were my friends too
Ain't it strange

But back then it wasn't strange at all...

But then came the time to grow up and face my fears
I learned some new laws and cried a few tears
And so a big part of those worlds that I had
(was) were gone and I thought I'd never see (it) them again

But then I found you and your beautiful drawings
I must admit I was quite inspired
You must believe it's trueall the worlds that were lost
Came back to my mind
Ain't it strange?

Then again, it's not that strange at all...


<3 Peppina 

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  • Hr
    I can't stop listening to this! :) Such an awesome song :)
    by barush
  • 10271620_10202828111601433_5095051077231446289_n
    oh my... thank you so much barush, that's all that a songwriter could wish for...!
    and thank you for recommending, babbish, lyrictician, chloe, gaby and adhdgraphicdesign! <3
  • 10271620_10202828111601433_5095051077231446289_n
    thank youu for the hearts melismayhem and ktfrancey!! :)
  • Noaht
    This is wonderful. I love it
  • 10271620_10202828111601433_5095051077231446289_n
    thank you so much!! : )
  • Scratch
    This is currently my favorite song. I've listened to it for no less than a dozen times today :D
  • Hr
    hey ppeppina, just want to tell you I still listen to this song, it's so awesome! Hope we'll see more of your music on hitrecord, I love everything I've heard from you <3
    by barush
  • 10271620_10202828111601433_5095051077231446289_n
    thank you so much for the hearts everyone!! <3
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