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Happy valentine's day Yiling!!! I had some major problems with uploading this to hitRECord, but it finally worked, so yipee!! I really liked making this gift for you. I do stuff like this all the time just for fun, and it was so great to finally have a reason for doing it! :D

One thing I forgot to mention in the video: When I said "limitless imagination" I was thinking about how the child's mind works. There are no limits, nothing is too strange. After we grow a bit older, we realize what is possible and what isn't, and so, obviously, we might stop believing in some things, like Santa or faries. And that is the key in making great stuff: if you don't believe in what you do, no one else will either. And I don't know if you believe in the characters and the places that you create, but it sure is easy for me to believe in them, and that's excactly what makes them so great! That's pretty much what my song is about :))

(I must apologize for my pronunciation in the "blah-blah" -part and especially during the song. I hope it's understandable! Just in case, here are the lyrics ;D)

Ain't it strange how the time flies
It feels like it was yesterday when I was a child
Back then when I could close my eyes and find A whole new world inside my mind

I had whales in my bed and a bird nest on my head
And the sun was my air balloon
And my toy giraffe could talk and walk
And the trees were my friends too
Ain't it strange?

But back then it wasn't strange at all...

But then came the time to grow up and face my fears
I learned some new laws and cried a few tears
And so a big part of those worlds I had back then
Was (I sang wrong sorry!) gone and I thought I'd never see it (sorry!) again

But then I found you and your beautiful drawings
I must admit I was quite inspired
You must believe it's true: all the worlds that were lost
Came back to my mind
Ain't it strange?

Then again, it's not that strange at all...


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