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Eaneikciv's beautiful track, totally moved me to take time out of my day and complete the images I saw in my head when I heard the song.

I don't necessarily think I'm adding or moving a collaboration with this. because it seems pretty finalized, but Im certainly adding a bunch of free footage, that i think could be applied to a lot (remember to recommend and resource)

I heard the song, not really as a love song, as how the sundance short ended up, but it kinda hit me because I've dealt with panic disorder for awhile, and there are those moments where you are just relaxing and those thouhghts creep in, and you just feel like you can't hear anything, like you are underwater and all you want to do is relax and enjoy yourself, but your body is saying no. it can be very frustrating. And "we're sinking" is totally how it feels.  I  wouldn't say I have it as bad as others, but I've had some easier times and some harder times.  It's always been important to me to take deep breaths and try to move on when its over and not linger in it. I hope you like..

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