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Here is a VISUAL REFERENCE for ILLUSTRATORS and ANIMATORS re: "Make-Up Sex: A Tiny Film."


* The LIPSTICK and MASCARA characters are in super rough draft form, but the elements of their characters are represented in this doodle.

* The overall lay-out of the HOTEL ROOM is present in the drawing (lamp with red lace over it, dissheveled bed, clothes tossed everywhere, cigarette smoke, tacky hotel decorations.)


* The shot is in one take. It's a pull back from either the lamp with red lace over it (if that ends up working out as a resource) or a pull back from the cigarette in Lipstick's hand.

* Lipstick is going to be puffing smoke as she looks unimpressed with what transpired. She isn't angry, just looks like she wants to be somewhere else entirely.

* One element I really want to see make it into the animations is the Lipstick holding the bedsheets over her torso. I always think it's funny when there's a post-sex bed scene in a movie and the woman is holding the sheets up. It's just something I find to be a funny cliche.

* The rack focus from Lipstick to Mascara occurs about halfway through the animation. The background will go completely blurry as Mascara comes into focus. He droops forward, pathetically putting his face into his hands, as he comes into focus. He wallows in shame in the final moments.

* The concluding moments of the animation should be a pull-back out of a cosmetics case to reveal that's where the hotel is located. Much thanks to Metaphorest for the suggestion!

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