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crazy dreamer poem
kouralilly Released Jan 29, 2012

i might be a crazy dreamer.

i might have the stars in my eyes.

i might believe the impossible.

and think nothing is not worth a try.

i'm not stuck with fate, my fortune’s not fixed,

there's no future that cannot be changed.

if you just hold my hand as i walk at your side,

life’s messy? well, let's rearrange.

down every path i’ll be beside you,

by my side is where you will be.

and through it we’ll make our own way,

in bright city lights or the sea.

just remember when you sit in doubt dear,

there is no one who would dare compare,

to the beauty and magic within us,

just look in your heart, it is there. 

so while i am a crazy dreamer,

and i have the stars in my eyes.

just look to yourself,

and you’ll find you do, too.

for no one can sever that tie.

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