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OR, How Twitter begat A Modest Proposal: Jelly Babies


Just so people are aware, and because I find it interesting, this was actually birthed in gchat and twitter. I was gchatting with librarygirl6 and showed her a picture of my jelly babies, calling them creepy, that I had tweeted because wirrow had mentioned them and she said 'this reminds me of cannibalism' and came up with the idea that we should make a jelly baby version of A Modest Proposal, which we then took to twitter, where Metaphorest had mentioned a possible candy sequel to Strawberry Bootlaces using jelly babies. Then Day Glo got on board and tagooey made the collab, where she posted the original A Modest Proposal text, based on librarygirl6's suggestion, which Metaphorest...

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Candy Cannibalism: Origins
lidan Released Jan 28, 2012
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