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Alright, at least we have a complete story of the strawberry bootlaces short film.


1) parents into the scene.

2) some strawberries visual at the front and at the back. I tried not too add too much or else it will be "overkill" and distracting from joe's excellent acting.

There are still plenty of room for improvements.

1) Fixing the strawberry bootlaces packet on joe's hand issue. Fellow animators, any help please? If you can help, please upload something in alpha chanel so I can put them in just like Jana's animation.

2) Perhaps an intro, or bumper ending/credits.

3) Sound effects. Sambadsa suggested sound effects but I am not too sure as whether is it too much for Ozzie's underscore and day_glo's reading. But we can test out with some test animation.

totally knackered!

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