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I started this on Thursday, January 12, 2012 and spent all my waking hours designing, downloading, cutting, pasting, re-cutting, re-pasting, moving, re-normalizing, and basically everything conceivable in sound editing, to produce this 3-minute vocal mix.

It contains, as the title indicates, 70 tracks (2 are not used in this, but if I can figure out how to make a surround sound recording, one of them wil be - watch for that - coming soon - hopefully!).

These tracks are comprised of 41 hitREcorders who did a damn good job of trying to match Joe's voice-over track. What they didn't achieve, I did my best to compensate for through the "magic" of mixing. I think I came pretty darn close!

5 of the male vocals were pitched up and down to create 10 additional tracks. 5 of the tracks in this mix are dedicated to a "top" channel - which would be really cool at a live presentation of this sound track if the audio engineer figured out how to make it work in a surround sound "plus" format. It is included in this in normal stereo

Three hitRECorders RECorded their kids (DianeFT, Sabine, and Jess Pillmore - their kids are Josh, Julia, Arwen, Logan, and Griffin) and their voices make up an additional 8 tracks. One of the tracks is my extra recording, which I used sparingly throughout. That accounts for most of the tracks - I lost count somewhere along the way.

One final track I'll mention is a public domain playground recording:

Public domain Douzen Kids on a Playground Artist: Stephan

This was definitely time consuming and tedius work, but I think the results were worth the effort.

I hope you do too!


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