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Alright, so here is my little chunk for "and a new earth (reprise)". As i said earlier:

(4) lines towards the end of "and a new earth" (reprise). I was just working on Typography, but these visuals and movements struck me, so I had to make it all happen. Use it or not, I needed to get it out of my head. My little "narcotic moment of creative bliss."

When I envision "and a new earth" (reprise) I see the film starting smooth, to adjust the audience to the display, with a slower pacing of softer visuals in longer takes (easier to grasp and follow) but as the piece builds the pacing would increase and the visuals would become more and more chaotic... hence my treatment, because I would see these lines toward the end just sort of unfolding into each other. Make sense?

I'd love to hear what you think of it? Thanks <3

[Note: I still need to add the exact resources that I used from the eye & eye album... so many! haha]

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