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Here's V1 of Scene 1 for the "Little Red Riding Hood" assembly, with some notes below.

I tried working in as many different resources (from hitRECord and the Public Domain) into this Scene 1 assembly to get a sense of how the story's set-up scene works with varying looks for each character and setting (as well as including the narrator footage as well.)

Scene 1 seems like a good jump-off point to throw in as many different things as possible so the audience knows right away that there will not be a consistent look to the characters, settings, etc.

There are certainly some vocal cues in the narration that would benefit from some hitRECord animation, since most of the animations created thus far seem to be for Scenes 2 and beyond.


* Take the clip of the Grandma (from the "Audition 3" resource) and add a grandma costume (bonnet, etc.) to give her more of a grandma look for that establishing shot. Personally, I think the cheesier and cruder the animation, the better.

* Create a title card featuring the "Once Upon a Time..." fairytale text. Overlaying it over a hitRECorder's illustration of the woods might be a good option.

* I liked the Public Domain footage of the Wolf playing the organ. Perhaps an animator could create some cutaways based off of the Public Domain footage using hitRECord resources and have the Wolf (or a new character) play the organ synched with the production's score.

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