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Downloadable link:
(I accidentally exported 13 minutes of video than the 3 minutes the video actually is. Woops, new to macs!) 

Better late than never!

I'm learning how to make sweet sweet love with my new mac. Here's the first creation... I made one of these last year and decided, why not make one every year? 


These are just a handful of accomplishments this year; not all of them. 'Twas a big year for hR, not as big as 2012 will be, though. ;]

If your REsource was not included, please let me know. The REsource finder is being shifty and not showing all of the records I have used for me to credit you all. Also, if I REsourced you and did not use your RECord, please let me know, and I apologize for the false advertisement

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