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"Singalong Jack" REVIEW
sabine Released Jan 01, 2012

I've listened to it before and thought it was good but actually reviewing it has made me appreciate this song so much more. I love the irony in it. The song itself has a mellow and sort of "hippie" feel while at the same time being a little dreary or monotonous (by all means NOT boring! It's just your rhythm that implies that notion of repetition with which we tend to connect monotony)... BUT the lyrics are ANYTHING BUT that lol . Well, it partially addresses monotony but the other part is, well, somthing quite different :-D  That irony makes me think of the movie AMERICAN PSYCHO - your song has the same macabre kind of humor (unless I'm totally misinterpreting your song and then I'm in deep shit  lol). I really love it.

There is one sound in it that I'm not sure I love or not, especially initially. It's the very first beat we hear - has that little skipping/echo type of sound to it. On one hand I feel it adds color because it's a really interesting sound, on the other it kept distracting me at first from listening to the rest because it reminded me of a skipping record. In that sense it felt more like "bad quality" in that particular sound than being intentional. Once I had heard the whole song I was totally over it and now i actually feel that little sound feeds into the message of your song overall. So, from that perspective I feel this song is one of those that grows on you the more you listen to it. Not sure if that makes sense, nor if you should do anything about that little sound. If you did, I bet I'd miss it  lol

The zip includes a pdf that takes a closer look at your lyrics. There were areas that I felt were a tad forced. Nothing major though.

Nice work. Really really like this one  <3

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