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This life and world we live in has had the long-unspoken joy

Of breeding its inhabitants as cold and cruel, but coy

Each snake with heart of ice among us, each vulture that is bred

May go to some great lenght to see that timid mice are dead

Yet, the long-forgotten story is different, you may find

The world made only children who were gentle, fair, and kind

This long-beloved melody has forever been unsung

In the dusty, barren corners of our memory, it's hung

The long-uncasted shadow of the world we left behind

Only rotting apparitions of the gentle, fair, and kind

This long-unwanted world we have, that is now claimed as ours

Is desolate and yearning to relinquish its new scars

One day our long-lost world will restore its self anew

And wake up to a shining day of sunbeams and sweet dew

The long-beloved...

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The Unseen World
Smackintosh Released Jan 01, 2012
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