Who are you and what do you do?

Hello, I'm Chloe. On the site I do a few things- jack of all trades and master of none. But I guess if you had to put me into a category I would be mainly in the images section. I doodle, paint sometimes well, sometimes not so much...But in the real world I just finished my masters in Visual Anthropology, my dream is some day to make documentaries on human interest stories. But I'm just starting out, so I'll see where life takes me :)

What's the origin of your artist name?

It's SUPER inventive...not, my name is Chloe and my birthday is on the 4th of January. I was considering some wacky or cool name, but I'm kind of glad that it resembles my real name.

What has been your biggest challenge with your art so far?

To translate ideas from my brain to reality- I have these large crazy ideas that just get lost in translation. I draw something and am not satisfied with it. Also i procrastinate A LOT , so many things I try to make end up in some liminal zone. But, I'm working on it :)

Who or what is your biggest influence?

Wow, that's a hard one....well I guess my parents and my sister. My sister makes some awesome art and funny doodles, actually she is on the site, I wonder if you can guess who she is :P But i get influenced by things subconsciously as well, sometimes it can be a book that I read- i won't realise that i have a particular writer's themes or ideas echoing in my own. It could be films, art but also it could be just walking down the street and noticing a particular shape of a flower that might come up in my work. 

What is your wildest story?

Wildest story? Oh I have a LOT, no not really, I'm a rather boring English girl. Though I do have one. It's quite a long one, so if you like you can skip this part. However, if you want to hear something that is wilder than fiction then stay tuned.

It was during a holiday in the Philippines with my family when I was 16, or 17 something like that...(Philippines because I am half Filipino- which doesn't matter to the story but what the hey). We went to a money changer and got stopped and told to go down an alley for the best rate. We stupidly agreed and went down a very shady alleyway. I was feeling a but unnerved but just follwed my parents decision. Once we got down there it was a very cramped box of a room with dark lighting. So we exchanged our money and that was that. Very much the anti-climax as i was expecting some crazy scene from a mob film.

So we went to a fast food restaurant to eat and my parents were counting the money, you know- just to be on the safe side, and then I heard "AAAAH!!! Half of it's gone!" So we were screwed over...the taste of coke became very bitter in my mouth and we ran out of the fast food place like headless chickens... We ran down the street screaming "We got robbed!!" A pedastrain told us that the local police station was nearby, so we ran there, like headless chickens once again. 

Once we got there we told the police and they told us to join them in their cop car and look for them. I was thinking 'WTF...ok this really is a mob film'. But we did, we went inside the cop car with the dark tinted windows and were looking for the money changers. I spotted them, they completely changed their clothes and told the police. The guys were arrested and we got some of the money back. Lesson to the story- don't go to a dodgy money changer..

What is the last book you read?

I tend to read a few at a time as I have a bit of a short attention span. I been reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Howl's Moving Castle and a book on 'Lives of the Novelists: a history of fiction...'

if you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

Um..that's a hard one...come back to me

What couldn’t you live without?


What is your secret talent?

I guess a more apt question would be: 'what was your secret talent?' I've been told by friends that I can do good impersonations of people. I tend to have a bad habit of noticing people's micro gestures and somehow reproducing them. 

Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

I can't remember, but I have some pretty strange and also vivid dreams...maybe this is one now...

What are you craving right now?

Tea, what can I say I'm English...

Can you hula hoop? Not very well...so no. 

What do you like?

Long walks in the rain....i kid, i kid, I have a weakness for Art books. 

What do you dislike?


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Keep trying, if you fail, try, try, try again!

How and why did you start RECording?

It was when Inception came out and I read an interview with Joe in a newspaper and he mentioned hitrecord so i looked it up. I joined but didn't post anything for about a year as I just started my masters and that kind of took over my life. But I regularly checked up on the site and one day saw Wirrow's tiny stories collaboration and decided I would post something, and that was it. Why i started recording was that I liked the idea of an open collaborative website, it's a very clever and fresh idea. Not only visual but I really liked the multimedia aspect to it. Also I really do get a sense of community on the site, people have become good friends, visit each other and make things together, it's really inspirational :)

if you read all of this, wow well done as I tend to ramble, I look forward to collaborating with you in the future :)


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