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I Was the Only One
TimidBlue Released Dec 26, 2011

In 2010 I was at an arts festival in Columbus, Ohio called Urban Scrawl. All around the park artists were painting on large boards and in the middle of it there were live bands playing. In my eyes , the two seemed too far apart. If you were talking to the artists, they would tell you that the live music changed the energy behind ever brush stroke.

An idea started to form. What if we started a collaborative group? What if artists and songwriters got together and began to inspire one another and did a bit of a trade?

The artists would bring their work for the songwriters to see. The songwriters would then use the work to inspire a new song. The songwriters would play songs and the artists would use those songs to create a new piece of art ... painting, sculpture etc.

We go together for the first time in the fall of 2010 and began to show our work. On this particular night we attended an open mic night . We met and mingled and talked about the work and I was of the mind to choose something that would present a challenge.

A pop artist by the name of Joss Parker was there with a painting of the Pink Panther holding a bomb and with stars in his eyes. When I asked him about the stars he told me that it was as if he knew what was going to happen but the bomb was lit anyways.

For hours I stared at this painting. I even hung it on my wall and eventually I began to write. The outcome is the song that is posted.