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Another character that i thought i would drop off into the hitrecord carehome.

I tried to recreate an aged pilot. He used to sale the skys but is now resigned to the ground. Drawn with a vacant look on his face. He's loosing what was once his and his alone, memories. The skys he once called 'home' and clouds he once called 'friend', are leaving him for greener pastures.

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  • Go%20with%20the%20flow
    very nice..he reminds me of a Probate lawyer I met once..tj
    by mcwally
  • Picture%2010
    I'd love to see a story for this guy!
  • Img_0040
    such an interesting character, kind of makes me think of a Judge or something. I wonder what his voice would sound like.
  • Readmooses
    I like this Lukie boy - he should have featured in one of your films...
  • Img_20110216_090806
    that's pretty cool
  • Img_1039
    That's very sad, painful and very realistic at the same time.
    by DanaKaz
  • Psalmist-1449486
    Cool pic :D I really like the texture of whatever tool you were using to apply coloration. The depths of the lines are well designed also, I like the definition they create around the clothing (makes the man's features a little more human). I felt the emotion in the face could be taken a slightly different way than the story that went along with the image originally, so I came at it from a differnt direction. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy the image. Once again, good job! Cheers!
  • Monkey
    Hey Everyone!

    Thanks for the comments, recommends and the stories/artwork that have been made. I am really liking how people have reacted and the character that is beginning to grow. With this I started a collaboration under the same name, Aviator. If you want to work on this together then i would be extremely happy for you to join.

    Again thanks for all the views!
    (I really wanna make this into a film) XD
    by LukeC
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