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i love
InkedCanvas Released Mar 10, 2010
not really a poem... just a list of facts

i love to squish my toes in mud,
i love to hug trees,
i love to shake sand out of my hair,
i love it when salt dries & clings to my skin,
i love walking barefooted on damp grass,
i love to play in the rain,
i love to stare at the moon,
i love the taste of chocolate,
i love to watch my dog watch birds eat his food,
i love the sound of my family all in one room,
i love it when my niece laughs,
i love the way my nephew wipes off my kisses with a smile,
i love that my sisters are strong & beautiful,
i love that my brother is kind & polite,
i love that my parents are sill madly in love with each other,
i love the fact that all the people I love – love me.