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Above it all
Metaphorest Released Dec 16, 2011

In the pale light of midnight I tried to take flight

But my wings were too weak and the stars were too bright

So I waited a week til the winter winds blew

Stars were shrouded in clouds and the moon was too

Not a thing alive witnessed my wings unfold

As my breath grew quick and my heart grew bold

And soon I was soaring, oh, upwards and on

Til the sky was all ‘round and the ground was gone

And I watched as each object, each person, each place

Became one glowing orb spinning slowly in space

And I thought to myself, ‘through the eyes of a bird

This life and this Earth seem entirely absurd’

Then I suddenly felt indescribably small

And wondered if anything mattered at all

Like what people wished for or what people felt

Or whether the ice caps would finally melt

Then, I realized, after an hour or two

That things matter, because, they matter to you

Although what you do won’t change much from up here

It can comfort or crush those you find yourself near

This universe may be enormous and strange

But look close to home and there’s much you can change

And now that I know it, that’s just what I’ll do

Informed and enthused by my new point of view

It seems that such questions as grand as existence

Can only be solved from a reasonable distance

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