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In the pale light of midnight I tried to take flight

But my wings were too weak and the stars were too bright

So I waited a week til the winter winds blew

Stars were shrouded in clouds and the moon was too

Not a thing alive witnessed my wings unfold

As my breath grew quick and my heart grew bold

And soon I was soaring, oh, upwards and on

Til the sky was all ‘round and the ground was gone

And I watched as each object, each person, each place

Became one glowing orb spinning slowly in space

And I thought to myself, ‘through the eyes of a bird

This life and this Earth seem entirely absurd’

Then I suddenly felt indescribably small

And wondered if anything mattered at all

Like what people wished for or what people felt

Or whether the ice caps would finally melt

Then, I realized, after an hour or two

That things...

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Above it all
Metaphorest Released Dec 16, 2011
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