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The REGularity is here! Calling all Illustrators, all Animators - I wanna see your "Man With A Turnip For A Head"... Let's make an animated short film out of Metaphorest's darkly delightful short text and Gary Oldman's glorious live performance of it.  First step is to design the main character.

ILLUSTRATORS: let's see your version of this guy.  He should be a prim and proper, buttoned up, completely normal looking man EXCEPT for his turnip head.  Draw him several ways.  Do some close shots and side shots.  Front and profile.  Maybe pick a few moments from the story and draw those.

If you haven't read or heard the story yet, follow this link -- -- or click on the link below called "Turnip Head resources".

Once we've got the main character, we can start creating the other elements that will make up the settings and scenes, animate them, scoring the piece, editing it together, etc...

I wanna screen this at our upcoming Sundance show, so we're on a bit of a tight deadline, but between the lot of us, I think we'll be good.  

Okay, Once again thanks to the community for the wonderful RE-RECommendations, there sure is a bunch of great work going on and you you all know how to REC them. 

Thanks Again



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